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Millennials and their contradiction and confusion felt is the inspiration for Charli Cohen’s CC2S collection for Autumn / Winter 2017. Within Charli analyses the different struggles felt by being a Millennial as well as seeing the collection as a very personal creation, filtering her insecurities and experiences of her youth.

CC2S inspects the over-saturation of the influencer culture, Internet fame and zealous expenditure of celebrity-endorsed products, and furthermore expands her analysis into the way this idolisation has affected our world today from our current spending habits to our sense of dignity and politics. The key piece to declaring this statement was a gold and sand coloured parker coat, suspended from the ceiling on a mannequin embellished with a repetition of graphics spelling ‘Consumed’.

Her models, both male and female, posed taking selfies in a relaxed environment of the Royal Society of Arts’ basement, dressed in muted tones of greys, blues and sand tones as well as black and white graphic stand out pieces with an urban undertone. Models were styled with Buffalo platform trainers and wearing no make-up, while the collection was rounded to underline the Millennial’s state of mind and give a social commentary to the pressures felt in a certain way of having to appear publically.


Words: Giulia Susana Koller

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