In the last few decades, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier and most famously Marc Jacobs have all designed or worn men skirts. The trend never really took off though. Zio Song might have found a way to make it appeal to a larger crowd. He created billowing shorts that look like skirts, presumably inspired by Hanbok, the traditional clothing style of the designer’s native Korea.

In the last seasons, colour blocking has mostly been done through the combination of different solid colour pieces. For Autumn / Winter 2014, however, it appears that menswear designers have unknowingly agreed to put the contrasting colour on the upper part of a garment, separated from the sober tone by a straight horizontal line. This was seen at Icosphere and Rynshu among others. At Songzio, bronze rectangles appeared on black coats and a poncho. There was also texture blocking as the same idea was executed with leather appliqués on wool coats.


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