Bas Kosters ‘Designer Glasses’

Last week I went rummaging on the flea market, and I was thrilled to find a vintage Pierre Cardin pencil case. Just what I needed to store my drawing pens. Funny though that the excitement about my find was based on the magic of the name Pierre Cardin. Whilst watching television I saw a commercial about designer glasses, and that you get two for the price of one – what a deal! I was wondering why it was so special that they specifically mentioned that even designer glasses were being offered as two for the price of one. In what sense are designer glasses so much more special?

Fashion is somehow like drugs, if you get some you want more, but is it really so terrific? The fashion world, and therefore designer brand names have us gagging for more. The magic of the brands turns us into greedy and non-rational consumers. To which extent could designers push their brand story in order to make the consumer buy their product? Would we buy Balenciaga bum wipes?  Or Dior cornflakes, Armani jam or, even better, Louis Vuitton logo macaroni. The crazy thing is, we would buy it. Can I invite you to lunch? I will serve bread with Dolce & Gabbana salami.

Bas Kosters

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