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Centred in the world of fashion and its visual vocabulary, Pablo Thecuadro finds inspiration in searching for a new conception of fashion – deformed and rebuilt under his creative vision. Beyond the model’s beauty and the concept of fashion as the selling of a product, Pablo imagines creativity to be boundless in his highly intriguing collage art. Ahead of his DASH debut in the S/S15 issue, scheduled for release on 20th February 2015, DASH has asked Pablo a few questions about this work.

How would you describe your work in three words?
Done with love.

What fascinates you the most about collage art?
You destroy images to create other ones. There are no rules, you can do whatever you want.

Who are some of your favourite artists?
Jesse Draxler, Liana Sophia Ever and Lola Dupré.

What or who is the inspiration behind your work?
Everything, especially the Internet.

Would you describe your work as conceptual or decorative?
Some of my work is conceptual and some of it decorative, depending on whether it’s a commission or personal work.

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