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With her namesake label, Korean designer Woo Youngmi continues to sensibly reinvent menswear. In an industry where reinvention can often translate to outrageous accoutrements, her tailored pieces are surprising but still highly wearable. This level of maturity makes perfect sense for someone who’s been in the business since 1978.

In the brand’s Autumn / Winter 2014 collection, elliptical lapels unfold on grey jackets, stark white button-down shirts are printed with abstract shapes and a black wool coat is slightly asymmetrical. Prints are subtle and almost tone on tone; jumpers have interesting necklines and fabrics shimmer discreetly. All these unique details are nearly unnoticeable at first glance, but reveal themselves after a more thorough analysis.

The sombre colour palette is classic, but not boring. Black, grey and white are enhanced with touches of khaki, plum and maroon. Once again, Wooyoungmiproves that good design doesn’t have to be brazen or elitist.

Marie-Ève Rochon

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