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    Hien Le Spring / Summer 2014, all images by Huss/Truong
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It’s about time to introduce the word ‘Hien Le-esque’ because, once again, the young designer impressed everyone with his distinctive style: flowing materials, restrained colours and an outstanding clou. For his Spring / Summer 2014 collection at Berlin Fashion Week, it was an abstract print that showed an alienated wing of a dragonfly. Salmon and red nuances, light blue and a dark green were added to support the mostly cream and white garments.

The idea behind this collection was the interplay between natural and artificial structures. By lowering the brightness, Hien Le showed the high quality of the textures used: crocheted wool, chevron pattern, alcantara. Thought-out and conceptual, yet minimalistic and wearable, the designer augments his own remarkableness. Opening Berlin Fashion Week was a burden to take. And he took it well.

Judith Brachem

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