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We get to know DRAW FASHION‘S first-place winner, Camilla Lopes and speak to her about what it feels to win, the state of fashion illustration today, and where he sees herself in five years.

Camilla, how does it feel to be recognized by DRAW FASHION at this early stage of your career?

It feels really good. This is the first drawing competition I have ever entered and I was feeling pretty intimidated by all the talented students I was up against. I was not expecting it at all.

How do you feel about fashion illustration today and what does it mean to you?

I feel like fashion illustration is taking up a new form. It is becoming a new category in the creative world. I believe fashion illustration now a days, has been appreciated a lot more as a self-expressive form of art with a hint of commercial values. And I hope soon enough museums will be exhibiting artworks from ‘fashion artists’. I come from a fine art background but always loved fashion illustration so I feel like my style hangs between these two worlds and I love that now days I can express myself fully through fashion.

Does illustration help inform any other skills you have?

Yes of course. Through my illustrations you can clearly see I am a color-obsessed person.

Traditional format, mixed media, or technology-infused illustration?

I like working with watercolors, oil painting and mixed media collages. For this particular collection of illustrations I have mainly used watercolors and gouache

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself building up enough experience in the fashion industry to eventually open up my own business. I would like to have my own label as a textile designer when I am ready and hopefully build up my name as an illustrator selling my art work on the side.

Interview: Nada Abdul Ghaffar

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