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  • Camille Perrier – c.perrier1@arts.ac.uk2
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Next up, DRAW FASHION‘S second-place winner, the talented Camille Perrier Little, who recently starting looking at fashion illustration in a whole new way.

Camille, How does it feel to be recognized by DRAW FASHION at this early stage of your career?

Like THANK GOD I was starting to think only my mom liked my work.

How do you feel about fashion illustration today and what does it mean to you?

It’s a bit like any other discipline I suppose, there are somethings I relate to and some things I don’t. Normally I would have had the temptation to say it’s probably very codified in the mainstream, but then again there was so much variety not yet seen at DRAW FASHION, it made me a bit less cynical.

Does illustration help inform any other skills you have?

Yes, just as much as it disables them though. It’s a great tool for design because it enables me to explore my feelings and emotions about any images I’ve come across during research, and it takes me places. It’s a kiss of death because I don’t want to do anything else afterwards.

Traditional format, mixed media, or technology-infused illustration?

I like classic methods, and prominently I use watercolors, although recently I did a few drawings mixing water colors and oil pastels, it felt wild. I don’t particularly like working on computer, although it’s a very respectable media, I hate the idea that you have to print afterwards and that a printer gets the last word on your work. I definitely prefer the straightforwardness of real life drawing for my work.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I have no clear notion of myself in five years, I couldn’t realistically, and as for hopes, I tend not to hope for things before they happen. I’ll definitely be alive and getting by somewhere though!

Interview: Nada Abdul Ghaffar

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