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Winner of the Hyères Festival 2015 Special Mention Award, Dutch fashion designer Wieke Sinnige completed an internship at Maison Martin Margiela Paris after having successfully graduated Cum Laude at ArtEZ Institute for the Arts at Arnhem mid 2014. Her structural ’Soft Square’ graduate collection is inspired by the kaleidoscope and features according shapes such as triangles, circles and squares in a confusing manner.

Wieke, who was also showcased at Lichting 2014 in Amsterdam, explains: “As an example I work with materials that are mirroring and reflecting, so depth is suggested that in reality isn’t there. Or I pleat and fold flat fabrics so that the illusion of a 3-dimensional image is created based on  2-dimensional materials. In my prints I look for similar three-dimensional illusions by using perspective effects. I am trying to generate confusion through layering and transparency of prints and textiles. As a result, the viewer does not know where a print of garment begins or ends.“ The look book was shot by Liselotte Fleur.


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