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Inspired by the ‘white rabbit’, quirky and naughty illustration of a bunny, Julian Zigerli managed to create a fun, sensual, kooky collection with the art of starkness. A collaboration with Japanese illustrator Seitaro Ito, also known as Foxy illustrations, the collection is crisp and exciting. While a men’s brief with the printed rabbit eating a banana is dominant in the collection, it also features fresh designs such as sheer collared shirts, the illustrious ‘zoot suit’ pant, pointed platforms and parka jackets that make a statement. Colours tally and the illustrations stand out and include broken hearts, paw prints, spots of colour and, of course, the infamous bunny. The faded colours, matte finishes and interesting textures prompt contrast to the monochrome quintessence of the line. Whether it’s the pieces that make a statement or the smiley-faced accessories, this line is artistic, distinctive and simple. The Julian Zigerli campaign centers on a couple’s sensuality, chemistry and sexuality and hearts the theme ‘love’!

Waitiri Murai

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