A fairy, dreamy atmosphere tasting like cotton candy and shining like the lucid see-through blue plastic that Asli Polat selected for an edgy raincoat and a little not-so-covering jumpsuit for his Summer/Spring 2017 show. Although silk was chosen as a major factor, the designing preference then tends towards a more casual and sporty style, suggesting that rules can be overcome and – a lesson we all should know well – all we have around is constantly changing. So if your mind starts thinking about a classy smart dress, you just give up on your idea. Asli Polat’s first look was a light-blue silky bomber jacket with ‘Disney’ bulge shoulders, completed by stretchy striped cotton wrists, neck and waist verges. All paired with a silky flowing knee-high skirt. Sporty, but elegant at the same time. It’s the effect obtained by putting together complementary elements that are normally kept apart, because they are too different from each other.

The show continued with marine inspired ruffled sleeves, recalling the shape of those sea-weeds the little mermaid used to dance with. The flowing silk and its game of shadow and light are just as hypnotic as the effect given by the sun rays hitting the surface of the ocean. The colours are delicate, because such a precious fabric doesn’t actually need any extra emphasis, exception made for the floral patterns coming out on a few black pieces. The collection then assumes a more serious tone, with darker shades comes a darker mood. A mood that is finally interrupted by the plastic holographic conclusion of this Disneyan fashion experience.
Words: Giulia Burti

Illustration: Sue Dray

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