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Alana Dee Haynes is an illustrator from NYC, who was raised by two artists. Haynes attended photography classes at the International Center of Photography and the Fashion Institute of Technology. She found her love in mixing media and incorporating her illustrations into photography, using textures and patterns to create whole new stories with her illustrations. Since graduating, she has collaborated with publications and photographers around the world to create artsy editorials. Alana has contributed original artwork to our Spring/ Summer 2015 issue, scheduled for release on 20th February.

Where did it all start?
My style really started in high school. I already had my drawing style down and was taking some darkroom photography classes after school. I would wind up with tons of extra photographs and would draw over them in my free time.

You seem to be involved in several collaborative projects. Have you had the opportunity to work with any of your favourite photographers? Or do you work independently?
Yes, now my work is almost 90% collaborative projects. I get to work with so many creative people.

Your work is very similar to tattooing. Where do you get your inspiration from mostly?
I ‘m inspired by tattooing, but the visuals usually come out of nature. I love to try and fit patterns onto people, and I think nature is best at it, so I’m always looking for how things connect in the world.

What medium do you usually use to create such detailed work?
My most detailed work is done with micron pens. It also puts a certain level of care into each line because there’s no eraser.

The intricacy of your work must take a long time to complete. How much time do you usually invest in an illustration?
Some can take around two days. Others can be done in a few hours. I usually sit with a piece very closely until my hand cramps. But sometimes it’s good to stop before I think you’re done so I don’t overdo it.

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