J moon

J Moon Autumn / Winter 2014, illustration by MRSCMillustration.com

The London-based womenswear designer Jinhee Moon was among 200 others listed in Vogue Italia’s ‘Emerging Designers of 2014’. After graduating from London College Fashion, and winning the ‘Best Directional Use of Colour and Textile Award’ for her BA press show, she has gone on to be named as one of Fashion Scout’s ‘Ones to Watch’ award winners for AW15. The playfully unique and colourful aesthetic of her designs catches our attention. She mixes various fabrics and materials while exploring and experimenting with the shape of her garments. Her admiration for art and 3D sculptures becomes clear when looking at the work she has produced. The J Moon garments are new and exciting in a world of monochrome and minimalism.

Misha Skelly

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