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Mira Varg in an experimental artist born and raised in Slovakia currently based in London where she is completing her studies at Central Saint Martins. Her work features the use of  various mediums to express the forbidden fruits of her mind, and when it comes to limitations, there are none.

You seem to be very attached to exploring various mediums with your work, what is your favourite?
My biggest problem has been the fact that I always enjoyed exploring all the art spheres and I’m not glued down to a specific one. The most important thing for me is experimentation with various materials and literally touching and feeling them. Last year I spent most of my time playing around in a darkroom; this year I’m concentrating more on printmaking and 3D work. My main aim is to become a true craftsman within every medium and to be able to create everything that my mind feels like giving birth to.

Are you an observer of dreams?
I’m observing the world around me and the dreams are a big part of it. I’m like a big sponge, absorbing all the information around me….. When I’m ‘full’, I start to work.

Give us an insight into the fruits of your mind.
You would need to buckle up your safety belt for that…

What is your relationship to colour?
The world around us is colourful, that’s why I prefer to work in black and white most of the time. There is a whole black and white world which needs to be explored. The only time when I use colour is when I paint. Suddenly there are no limitations… Basically, I am trying to picture the world in a completely different way to how we are used to seeing it.

If there were no borders and limitations, what would you create?
I would make the Rockbiter from the Never Ending Story movie alive! He is such a cool dude, he deserves to live!

Interview: Adam Csoka Keller

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