• 1-Just-Loomis-Backstage-Paris-2007-copyright-Just-Loomis-courtesy-galerie-hiltawsky-DASH.jpeg.5000x600_q90
  • 3-Just-Loomis-Sigrid-Norway-2013-copyright-Just-Loomis-courtesy-galerie-hiltawsky-DASH.jpg.5000x600_q90
  • 4-Just-Loomis-Interior-Santa-Fe-New-Mexico-1997-copyright-Just-Loomis-courtesy-galerie-hiltawsky-DASH.jpg.5000x600_q90
  • 5-Just-Loomis-Yankee-Doodle-Santa-Monica-CA-2004-copyright-Just-Loomis-courtesy-galerie-hiltawsky-DASH.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Yankee Doodle, Santa Monica, CA, 2004 Photography by Just Loomis Courtesy Galerie Hiltawsky
  • 6-Just-Loomis-Amalie-and-Friend-Norway-2013-copyright-Just-Loomis-courtesy-galerie-hiltawsky-DASH.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Amalie and Friend, Norway, 2013 Photography by Just Loomis Courtesy Galerie Hiltawsky

Opened on the 13th of November, this exciting exhibition by American Photographer Just Loomis is a selection of 32 images that are currently on display at Galerie Hiltawsky in Berlin until 11th January 2014.

Entitled ‘Women’, this is a study of gender and identity via images of friends and lovers. The exhibition is a comment on Loomis’ years of work and friendship with Helmut Newton, as much as it is a response to the types of encounter as described by Russian philosopher Emmanuel Levinas.

“The face to face encounter entails being called by another and responding to that other. It is lived immediacy. The other impacts me unlike any worldly object and does not have to utter words. The encounter demands a response. The other does not command this response but creates an immediate responsibility. It can be compared to a force.” *

Loomis purposely presents us the real human form via the collection of un-retouched images featuring natural imperfections and blemishes, questioning conventional ideals of female beauty.

(*Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, July, 2011)

Jack Buster

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