• Midori Nohara – m.nohara2@arts.ac.uk3
  • Midori Nohara – m.nohara2@arts.ac.uk
  • Midori Nohara – m.nohara2@arts.ac.uk2
  • Midori Nohara – m.nohara2@arts.ac.uk4

We speak to illustrator Midori Nohara, who was acknowledged amongst a pool of other artists at DRAW FASHION for his unique approach to drawing.

Midori, how does it feel to be recognised by DRAW FASHION at this early stage of your career?

I felt strange when I was informed that I had won the prize and it took a while for me to recognise it was for real. It was a very nice opportunity to show my ability and is a great honour to be awarded the highly commended prize in my final year of university. It means a lot to me.

How do you feel about fashion illustration today and what does it mean to you?

Fashion illustration needs outstanding character and artistic factors. Not only good drawing skills, but one should also be free and dynamic in order to push yourself. Seek your own beauty using your hands and eyes. Drawing is my favorite activity as I can express my dream of fashion: my ideal women, shape, posing and mood. It stimulates my imagination and creativeness.

Does illustration help inform any other skills you have?

It gives me an art inspiration for designing sometimes. Illustration is definitely one of my most important design processes. It helps me create a beautiful shape and express my mood. Also, I need drawings in order to consider the technical side of fashion as well. It pulls my idea further.

Traditional format, mixed media or technology-infused illustration?

Traditional format gives the basic, mixed media expands our potential and technology shows the new vision. When I draw, I draw a figure based on a traditional basic skill using pencils and watercolours and add some mixed media on it. It looks very interesting when sensitive drawing and graphical drawing are happening together in a one illustration. So I think all those things are essential to create contemporary fashion illustration.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully, I will have a job in the fashion industry as a designer while continuing my drawing. In addition I would love to have created and published an illustration book.

Interview: Nada Abdul Ghaffar

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